Korean Drama

A Jewel in the Palace / Dae Jang Geum / 대장금 / 大长今

Aired Date: 
September 15 2003 - March 23 2004
Personal Review: 
9 / 10

Synopsis: Palace girl, Jang Geum is an extraordinary character mentioned in numerous scripts during the Joseon dynasty in Korea. Although fictionalized, as she derived from palace girl to soon-to-be medical doctor, the story represents immense courage and determination through hardship - false accusations by her opponents were used in turn for her downfall in success within the palace itself.

Dae Jang Geum endtitle.png


Ballad of Seodong / Seo Dong Yo / 서동요 / 薯童謠

Aired Date: 
September 5 2005 - March 21 2006
Personal Review: 
8.5 / 10

Synopsis: A complex story of an unrecognized boy belonging to royalty by blood. Hidden from his destined life since childbirth, "Seo Dong - sweet potato" grows up in the peasant life, learning hardship from the workers around him. Along his journey, he slowly discovers the truth about his inconspicuous background and meets Seon-hwa, a lovely princess from the East. Together they defy the rules of being born into royalty.

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